…and I got AIESECed!

Before telling anything about AIESEC and my internship, let me give you a small intro of mine. I'm Vivek, pursuing B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering at PDPU, Gandinagar, India. Though I'm studying Petroleum Engineering, entrepreneurship and art is in my blood and I was always fascinated about all kind of art, especially Photography, Graphics, Craft and…Read more …and I got AIESECed!


Ummmm… Okay… Let’s Start!

Hellooooo! So, as you can see, I've started writing blogs! 😀 Shocked?! 😮 You must be thinking, "Why Vivek?! WHY? What on the earth made you do that? Just continue with photography, you're not good at writing!" Well, that is also one of the reason why I'm doing this. The story goes something like this.…Read more Ummmm… Okay… Let’s Start!