Too hot to handle?

Dear people from all around the world (and especially Amdavadi people) posting screenshots of your weather app with record breaking 50°C temperature to show how much you are suffering (thanks for spamming my timeline yesterday), let me ask you some questions.


  • How many times have you taken public transport instead of your personal vehicle just because that’s an eco-friendly option?
  • How many times have you sent your plastic and paper waste for recycling?
  • How many times have you chosen recycled products over anything else justbecause it’s eco-friendly regardless of the price?
  • How many times did you plant trees on your birthday instead of buying a Xbox? (Ohh I so wish trees would be giving free WiFi instead of the oxygen we breathe. We would have planted millions of trees then)
  • I know this generation never gives a second thought on spending 300-400k in a sauna while building new house because that’s a “COOL THING” to have, but did you ever consider having a lot of options of using solar energy, harvesting rainwater and putting sources to utilise natural light as a “COOL THING” too?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the climate change. It’s right in front of our eyes and we have no right to punish our future generations for the crimes we are committing right now.

I was curious to know how many people are concerned about it, raising their voice through this powerful medium called SOCIAL MEDIA and inspiring others by posting eco-friendly things they do. I didn’t find a single post. Everyone is so busy cribbing about their fucking air conditioner not working. We are so responsible citizens. Aren’t we?

Well, let’s have a great time killing our grandchildren then!

(Oh, by the way, I do follow all the things mentioned above with a hope to see future generations alive)



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