The City Back to Life!

Patidar Rally

Ahmedabad, a city that always amazes me.

I already knew that no matter if it is the way people celebrate their festivals, the way they go out for food or the way they even work; they always live in that moment hence ‘Amdavad’ is not just a word but an emotion and I can say ‘Majja Ni Life’ is the lifestyle of Amdavadi people but after staying in this city for more than 5 years, yesterday Amdavad surprised me again with its liveliness.

Just one day back, this city was suffering from riots, mobs, clashes and many parts of the city were put under curfew. There was depressing silence on the streets and a strange fear could be seen in people’s eyes. And it was an obvious thing because these are the same people who have seen the whole city burning in 2002.

Ahmedabad: The charred remains of the buses in Ahmedabad on Wednesday which were set on fire during the Patidar community's agitation on Tuesday night.

During this time, I was also worried. Not just for the loss of lives and properties but also worried for the brand of the city; ‘Brand Ahmedabad’, ‘Brand Gujarat’ and for the new generation who had never seen riots before, the generation who had their independent views on everything, the generation who started thinking that there is more power in pen then sword, the generation who is not afraid of raising their voice but at the same time doesn’t believe in raising weapon, this is the generation who actually can bring revolution and develop this country the way we have always dreamt.


I was scared that we are again putting this new generation in the same loop where at some age they are taught that there is no solution to discrimination, corruption and dirty politics in this country and whenever you don’t get benefited of the loopholes of this system, go give a motivational speech to people having similar problems as you and they will most likely follow you and do whatever you will say. Then go grab some weapons or maybe just some petrol, and put the whole city on fire. You will either get whatever you wanted or it will at least satisfy the angry person inside you.


But then came the interesting part. Right after one day of these curfews, the city was running as if nothing ever happened!

Why? What can you infer from this?

Is it that people are so busy in their work and they have so many things to do?

Yes! But that’s not my point.

What I interpreted from this is that we as the young generation are really that powerful. We have our own independent views for things. We do not easily get influenced by anyone’s opinions. We do not care about such things and more importantly, we do not want to stop! This city doesn’t want to stop! We want to run, we want to develop, we want to grow, we also want to fall and learn, but we do not want to stop. We want to remove the tag of ‘developing country’ or ‘third world country’, get the tag of ‘developed country’ or ‘first world country’ and compete with all other developed countries out there and we know it can’t be achieved by getting distracted by such silly things. The country and previous generations already had enough of it.


After the sheer disappointment on previous two days, it was really amazing to see the city back to life and running normally. (of course government also played important role in the situation either ways but let’s not discuss that right now) Amdavadi people have set an admirable example of their positive spirit, changed mindset towards things and their determination towards progress.

I believe it is a sign of ‘Acche Din Aane Waale Hain!’ 😉

What do you think?


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