Block annoying Candy Crush Requests in 3 Easy Steps!


There was a time when parents would feel proud knowing that their children are not addicted to cigarette and alcohol. But today, my parents would be proud of me because I’m not addicted to any games like Candy Crush, Teen Patti or any other shitty game and I’ve got a life. 😛

I know playing games are sometimes are relaxing and gives pleasure. But these games are for self enjoyment, not to irritate the heck out of your friends by sending them game requests.  :/

So after ignoring millions of Candy Crush request notifications, finally I decided to block this shit forever and to write a post about it for my friends who are suffering from same pain. 8)

Thus here we have 3 steps to put an end to any Facebook Games requests from your friends.

Step One

Go to the following link:
(or in some cases,

Candy Crush 1

This page will show you every single pending requests that you have received from your friends.

Step Two

Look for the offending Game/App from anyone and click the  X  next to ‘Accept’.

Candy Crush 2

Step Three

Now you can choose to either block the App/Game entirely (Meaning you will receive no further requests from it) or you can choose to selectively block all requests from that particular person for that particular game.

Candy Crush 3

I highly recommend doing this as opposed to ranting on Twitter and Facebook.

Just because you don’t enjoy a game doesn’t mean that your friends can’t enjoy it. Likewise, friends, I know you can choose who to send the requests to (Lives, Tickets, Extra Moves). Be considerate and send it to other friends who you know enjoys the game as well.

Be sure to share this post with your friends if you think it’ll help them. 😉

One thought on “Block annoying Candy Crush Requests in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. I tried the 2 links you posted, and Facebook told me I had no requests, yet I knew I had a ton of them that should still be pending because I didn’t “x” out or address them in any way when they showed up in Notifications. So if you’re still getting app requests you don’t want or those links say you have no requests when you know you do, here are other ways to address them:

    In your Facebook settings you can also go to “Blocking.” On that page, scroll down to “Block app invites” and add the name of a friend you want to block app and game invites from. Or if you want to block an app completely so you won’t get either invites from it or posts in your News Feed about friends who use that app, scroll down further to “Block apps” and type the name of the app or game you want blocked.

    Friends sending you those app invites are not doing it manually. The app itself periodically sends invites to anyone on that person’s friends list who isn’t already using that app. If an app allows it as an option in its settings, your friend could disallow its access to his friends list, or tell it not to send invites to friends.

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