An angel came to earth on this day! <3

Hey there!
Today I’m gonna share something which is very close to my heart! ❤

It is 13th July today and this is one of the most special dates in the year for me! 🙂


Because it is birthday of an Angel.

Have you ever seen an angel?

Well, I have seen one. Her name is Ravina! ❤
Now, let me introduce her to you.

Ravina is not just an ordinary good friend or best friend of mine. Ravina is an angel. O:)
An angel with whom I have laughed and cried…  😀  😥
A shoulder on which I have leaned on… 🙂
A close friend with whom I have shared all my secrets… 😀
A besty whom I always tease… 😛
A sister who has always praised and motivated me no matter how bad I was at things… 🙂
A person who can do any possible thing just to see smile on my face… 😀
A person without talking to whom my day seems incomplete… 🙂
Just like a butterfly… always dancing, singing & jumping and making everyone happy around her… ❤


Now you must be thinking that I would have bought some gift for her or organized some party for her or I must have planned some surprise to make her feel special on her very special day. 😉

Well, I used to wait for this date and give my best to wish her in special way to make her day the happiest. But I’m not fortunate enough to see that huge smile on her face ever again! 😦 😥
Because on 1st December, 2013, this beautiful butterfly flew away forever within a blink of eyes on her journey to heaven! 😥

And I believe, Angels do not stay on earth…
Angels belong to heaven…
They just come to earth and teach you how to smile, how to laugh and how to live a happy life and just when you feel that life is at its best, they go back to heaven leaving you with tears in your eyes! 😦
Here is a song ‘So Far Away’ whose each and every line tells exactly what pain you feel after loosing such a great person! 😥

She used to sing very well and she used to send me songs sung by her to cheer me up when I feel low. And co-indecently the last song she sent me had these lyrics, ‘Lag jaa gale ke fir kabhi ye raat ho na ho… Shaayad fir iss janam mein mulakaat hona ho!’ (Give me a hug because you never know this beautiful evening will come again or not, we’re not sure if in this life we’ll be able to meet again or not!) I never knew lyrics of this song will become so true. 😦
The photo I have shared above is from her last birthday which was also the last time that we met and I will always be thankful to Shweta di for this photo which I will cherish for lifetime! ❤

So the question is that what can I do now on her birthday else than missing her and praying for her?
Well, I feel that she is always there with all her dear ones and there is nothing better we can do than to continue what she was always doing all her life. She always used to make everyone happy around her. So I decided to make as many people happy as possible on her every birthday and I believe that this way she will feel good wherever she is and will get blessings from everyone whom she made happy! 🙂  🙂
And here came my very good friend Prachi for help. 🙂
With the help of her and an NGO ‘Bachhpan’ for which she has been volunteering, we’re gonna organize a grand dinner and DJ party for the small children of slums. These are the children for whom having even one meal a day is no less than a luxury.


I’m sure after seeing all these children so happy and getting blessings from these innocent hearts, she will be jumping and dancing with happiness wherever she is! 😀

Happy birthday my angel! 🙂
Stay blessed!
We all love you and miss you a lot! ❤ 🙂

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