Learn cooking in just 3 (not so)easy steps!

This post is another proof of my Love for food! ❤
The title seems a bit crazy, right? 😀
Well, I promise you that the content is even crazier! (Read on your own risk! :P)
But yes, this trick will work for sure. Just follow these steps and you’ll become an awesome cook who can cook almost every dish you love to eat! 😉

So here are the steps!

  • Step 1 – There is always some dishes or cuisines that you love. So first of all you need to go to some place or country for a long time where these dishes and cuisines are not available at all and the food which is available is not that great! 😛
  • Step 2 – Now that you’ve chosen a place where you don’t like local food, you’ll start eating less. And that’s what we want. Starve for at least one week! 😉
  • Step 3 – By this time, you’ll start missing your favorite food a lot and you’ll wish to have it at any cost, but you won’t get it since it is not available anywhere at that place! :/ So now you’re left with only two options, 1) Make your favorite food by your own or 2) Go back to your place/country. And most likely you’ll choose first option only. But you would be wondering, “How the hell I’m gonna cook?! I don’t know how to cook!” Well, don’t worry! Its okay. I know that. And that is the only reason you’re reading this nonsense post right? But believe me, by that time you will be so desperate to eat your favorite food that you’ll do all possible efforts to learn cooking it. You’ll search on internet for recipes, you’ll probably ask your mom about it or maybe take some cooking lessons from your friends or it can be a cook book too! Doesn’t matter which way, but finally you’ll start cooking all those yummy dishes for sure! 😛
    And voila! You’ve become a cook making super delicious dishes! 😉 (delicious enough at least for you) 😛
    Congratulations! 😀

Above 3 steps were my story how I learnt cooking. And all the credits to Egypt and Egyptian food. (Well, I like some Egyptian food like Koshari, Falefal and Batetes Cheddar, but Indian food is after all Indian food.) And during my 2nd week in Egypt, first Indian recipe I cooked was Pavbhaji which was no less than Pavbhaji of Juhu Chowpatty! 😀

My Egyptian Pav Bhaji!

My Egyptian Pav Bhaji!

After that we made poha, pulav, panir tikka, kheer, gaajar ka halwa, lassi, buttermilk, masala chaay, upma, daal-chawal, bhajiya, so many different types of curry etc. and the list still goes on! 😀
(these might seem ordinary dishes for you but believe me, they taste no less than heaven here!) ❤

Hope you won’t kill me after reading this post and never ever follow these tips! 😛

I will shortly be back with some more Egyptian experiences.
Till then keep smiling! keep eating! 😉
Cheers! 😀


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