…and I got AIESECed!

Before telling anything about AIESEC and my internship, let me give you a small intro of mine. I’m Vivek, pursuing B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering at PDPU, Gandinagar, India. Though I’m studying Petroleum Engineering, entrepreneurship and art is in my blood and I was always fascinated about all kind of art, especially Photography, Graphics, Craft and Installations. I gave so many efforts for it. I started working as freelancer, conducted few workshops at college and outside the college, successfully run photography club at college, started teaching a course at college and finally started a small designing firm and also did business successfully. But still I was feeling that something is missing. Actually I wasn’t getting a proper platform to sharpen my skills because there is not much competition in this field in Ahmedabad.

Then I came to know about this program of AIESEC called GIP which offers long term professional internships abroad and it includes internships in my field of interests too. I found this thing interesting and started researching about it. And when I opened AIESEC website to see internship opportunities, it was jaw dropping moment for me! There were thousands and thousands of professional internship opportunities on the Opportunity Portal of AIESEC. 😮

It took almost a week to go through all the internships just in the field of art, digital media and designing. And finally I selected few internships which were suitable to me and my academic schedule, prepared my portfolio and CV and applied for them. And the learning experience was already started then. While I was looking at job descriptions of internships, skills required for internships, preparing my CV and Portfolio and giving interviews and exams, I came to know what are my strengths, weaknesses and where I am on the global scale. Then I was called for an interview from this Egypt based company named NADIM for an internship of 6 months. They liked my profile and I got matched! 😀 Or I can say, right from that moment I got AIESECed! 😉 Whoa! Can’t express how happy I was when I got the mail that I’m selected for this internship. Me and VP GIP of our LC were literally dancing and jumping at that moment! 😀

Now it was time to rush for visa, do some shopping, pack my bags and fly to Egypt! 😀
And boom! I was in Egypt on 29th of may!

This is just a brief story to let you know why I’m in Egypt. There are so many adventurous stories and fun experiences I wanna share about this Egypt trip. I’ll post them here soon.

Till then, keep eating! (yes! I love to eat! :P)
Keep smiling!
Cheers! 😀

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