Ummmm… Okay… Let’s Start!

Hellooooo! So, as you can see, I’ve started writing blogs! 😀 Shocked?! 😮 You must be thinking, “Why Vivek?! WHY? What on the earth made you do that? Just continue with photography, you’re not good at writing!” Well, that is also one of the reason why I’m doing this. The story goes something like this. Once someone told me that I should start writing blog. And my first reaction was like, “What is a blog?!” Then they explained me what kind of creature the blog is and why do people write it. Okay, that made sense. But I had another question which was, “How the hell do people write?” I had never written anything like this before and I don’t know any shit about writing blogs. (Please bear with my language, I already told you that I don’t know how to write) All I know is clicking photographs, designing and other creative stuff but not writing. I can click photos that can tell stories of thousands of words. But if I have to write just a paragraph of hundred words, it will be a headache for me! Ohh wait! I can click good photos! So how about overcoming this weakness of writing with the help of my strength of photography?! I can click a photo (or photos) which reflects my thoughts and maybe write something about it. I think that can really help me. So, I’ll mostly be posting my thoughts and experience here (of course with photos!). It will be more like a traveler’s diary. And sometimes I’ll post some useful photography and travelling tips and tricks or maybe I will write about food or whatever comes into my mind. I don’t know how blogs are supposed to be written but this is how it is going to work for me. And I know nobody is (or very few people are) going to read my blog, but that is fine. I will still write blogs. Because I’ll be able to preserve all my memories and thoughts this way and also I’m an introvert person so I’ll be able to share my thoughts comfortably here. Hope to have a good journey here. 🙂 So here goes my first post! Yayyy! 😀


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