Too hot to handle?

Dear people from all around the world (and especially Amdavadi people) posting screenshots of your weather app with record breaking 50°C temperature to show how much you are suffering (thanks for spamming my timeline yesterday), let me ask you some questions. How many times have you taken public transport instead of your personal vehicle just…Read more Too hot to handle?


The City Back to Life!

Ahmedabad, a city that always amazes me. I already knew that no matter if it is the way people celebrate their festivals, the way they go out for food or the way they even work; they always live in that moment hence 'Amdavad' is not just a word but an emotion and I can say…Read more The City Back to Life!

The Time Machine

Many people say that The Time Machine does not exist and the time travel is impossible. But all of this exists and everything is possible! Just need to remember the happiest days of life... The places visited together... Happy faces of friends... and the subjugation of the vertices. The memories are more precious than gold.…Read more The Time Machine

8 Reasons why you should ‘NOT’ join AIESEC!

It’s that time of the semester when you have a constant stream of midterms and assignments that need to be completed. Then, on top of that, there are all these student clubs and organizations trying to convince you to give up some of your precious time to a cause or a group or an event.…Read more 8 Reasons why you should ‘NOT’ join AIESEC!

Block annoying Candy Crush Requests in 3 Easy Steps!

There was a time when parents would feel proud knowing that their children are not addicted to cigarette and alcohol. But today, my parents would be proud of me because I'm not addicted to any games like Candy Crush, Teen Patti or any other shitty game and I've got a life. 😛 I know playing…Read more Block annoying Candy Crush Requests in 3 Easy Steps!

An angel came to earth on this day! <3

Hey there! Today I'm gonna share something which is very close to my heart! ❤ It is 13th July today and this is one of the most special dates in the year for me! 🙂 Why? Because it is birthday of an Angel. Have you ever seen an angel? Well, I have seen one. Her…Read more An angel came to earth on this day! â¤

Learn cooking in just 3 (not so)easy steps!

This post is another proof of my Love for food! ❤ The title seems a bit crazy, right? 😀 Well, I promise you that the content is even crazier! (Read on your own risk! :P) But yes, this trick will work for sure. Just follow these steps and you'll become an awesome cook who can…Read more Learn cooking in just 3 (not so)easy steps!